Graduating at TSG Group

Customized graduation assignments

Do you want a custom-written graduation assignment?

Are you studying HBO/WO Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, HBO Mechatronics or similar and do you want to make your graduation internship a challenging, educational and pleasant period?

Apply directly!

This is what you can expect from us:

  • 1 on 1 guidance. You will be linked to a permanent supervisor and you will join a team that has a lot of knowledge, each with their own expertise.
  • You will receive a tailor-made graduation assignment. We have a number of concrete graduation assignments, these can always be adjusted. This includes developing a positioning system or development related to FDM 3D printing. Do you have an idea yourself? We are also open to this!
  • We have our own workshop where prototypes can be worked on or experiments and tests can be carried out.


Your graduation period is a great time to get to know each other well. Is this positive from both sides? There is a good chance that you will remain our colleague even after you graduate!

We think it is very important to invest in our colleagues. If you stay at TSG Group after graduation, you can quickly progress from starter to medior level.

By carrying out projects in different industries and for different clients, you increase your learning curve enormously.

In addition, we have a specially developed talent development program in which basic and advanced training is given. Together with your manager, you make a personal development plan and then participate in training courses that are part of this.

This way you not only increase your knowledge and experience, you also discover what you really like and what the labor market has to offer you.


Graduate at TSG Group!